Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the Beat with David Clyde

I first heard of David Clyde while scouring The Sporting News, where I found most of my baseball info in the pre-internet days.  David was a high school phenom.  He quickly became one of my favorite players.  I followed his career closely through The Sporting News.
You can read about David's career here.  Also, I have written about David here, including parts of my 2008 interview with him.  It was a thrill to meet him in 2008.  He was very generous with his time, as he sat down with me for over an hour at the Miracles Baseball Academy.
David was candid with his answers.  He was also so positive.  Actually, I could not believe how positive David was.  The thrill of meeting him turned into the pleasure of getting to know him.  It's just awesome when your sports idols are so nice when you meet them.
When my recent trip to Houston was finalized, I contacted David and asked for a quick update interview.  Once again he agreed to give me his time.
We talked about the Miracles Baseball Academy, his 2009 induction to the National High School Hall of Fame and a bit on his future in baseball.
I want to thank my sister Jean for helping me with this video (much like Scott did last time).  I really want to thank David for his time, consideration and friendship.


Spiff said...

Seems like just an awesome guy. Wish him all the best.

John Bateman said...

I still remember reading the paper the day after his debut - a long time ago indeed

Johngy said...

Truly one of the all time nicest. He also is a great ttm signer!