Friday, March 9, 2012

Cuzz Buzz:Joyce Hyser

Cuzz Gekas is back again, filling in for Johngy.  Cuzz is developing quite a cult-following.  Strangers recognize him on the streets and ask him, "What's the buzz, Cuzz?"  Cuzz-mania is starting to run wild.
In May of 2011, Cuzz joined Johngy at the Motor City Comic Con, where they met Joyce Hyser.  At this point, we turn it over to Cuzz.
The comedy movie “Just One of the Guys” was released in 1985. It starred Joyce Hyser as a high school student who poses as a boy in the hopes of being taken more seriously as a journalist. Although the movie had modest box office results, it became somewhat of a cult classic and can often be seen on the USA or TBS networks as a late night movie. It was also ranked as one of the “50 Best High School Movies” by Entertainment Weekly. Johngy and I met Joyce at the 2011 Motor City Comic Con and we talked about the success of the movie as well as her current endeavors. Joyce stated she is currently working on a sequel to the original titled “Just One of the Dads” where she will reprise her role. She seemed genuinely appreciative of her fans and the notoriety the original film has brought her. It will be great to see Joyce on the screen again even if she will be posing as a “Dad”.

The staff at Johngy's Beat appreciates Cuzz's effort in stepping in for Johngy.  Johngy, however, will be very upset that he missed out on the chance to discuss his big crush on Joyce Hyser.
Cuzz, Joyce Hyser and me in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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