Monday, April 2, 2012

Friendly Encounters:JayHawk Meets Darth Vader

This is a regular feature about friends who have met celebrities.

JayHawk Evans recently celebrated his birthday and I wrote some nice things about him then.  There is no need for additional niceties .  Therefore I will get to the good stuff.
At the 2011 Motor City Comic Con, JayHawk met his match in Darth Vader.  Anyone who has known JayHawk for any length of time has had the urge to strangle him once or twice (or 561 times).  Using his own hands to do the deed only adds to the satisfaction.
Oh I am only kidding.  JayHawk is a great guy and this is just one example of the fun that can be had at the MCCC.  Celebrity guests, fun-loving attendees and a helpful staff make this a great yearly event.
Hopefully, JayHawk will once again join me on the trip.  (Maybe I can even convince Darth to squeeze a bit harder!)
Darth Vader and JayHawk Evans in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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JayHawk Evans said...

Hah great post. Lord Vader cannot be beat. Looking forward to MCCC 2012. BTW the new site design looks great!