Sunday, May 13, 2012

On the Beat with Chris Nowinski at Resistance Pro Wrestling

At the recent Resistance Pro Wrestling event, A Small Deadly Space, Chris Nowinski made his R Pro debut.  I love all of the talent at R Pro, but Nowinski is a special case for me.
Nowinski is a former WWE wrestler.  A two-time Hardcore Champion, he seemed on the verge of a great wrestling career.  Unfortunately, his path was derailed by a career-ending concussion.  As it turns out, this was actually the beginning of a new and much more important career.  Nowinski is making a difference in the world.
Nowinski became an expert on concussions, authoring a book, Head Games: Football's Concussion Crisis, and co-founded (with Dr. Robert Cantu) the Sports Legacy Institute.  The SLI was founded to help eliminate the concussion crisis through research and by educating others.
This work is especially important to me, because I suffered many concussions as an infant.  I'll spare the details, but I was born with a condition which caused great pressure inside my skull, thus resulting in concussions, without any physical contact.  I actually plan on having my brain donated to the SLI.
Nowinski was named Head of Athletic Safety at Resistance.  It is not just a storyline role either.  Nowinski discusses all of this in the interview below.
I really appreciate Nowinski giving us a few minutes.  It was his first night at R Pro and he was extremely busy, but he got to us during intermission.
After you watch the interview, please check out and to learn more about Chris and his work.  Also, be sure to check out to get all of the info on this exciting new organization!

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