Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drinking Cokes with Marc Price

Marc Price became one of Johngy's Beat's favorites this year.  We first interviewed Price in Indianapolis at Days of the Dead.  Then we interviewed him again in between sets at Riddles Comedy Club in Alsip (IL).
Of course, Price is best known for portraying Skippy on tv's Family Ties.  His career since has turned out much better than his unrequited love for Mallory.  He is a producer, comedian, actor, game show host and more.
Price was very cool about our interview requests.  He even invited us to his comedy show in Indy.  No other celeb invited us anywhere after an interview (although that was probably wise of them).
By all accounts, Price is well-adjusted after growing up on tv.  His comedy act is ever-evolving and ever-improving.  He was funny when we saw him in Las Vegas a while back, but he was hilarious at Riddles.  I was surprised at how solid his act had become.  He didn't even use much stuff from Family Ties in his act either.
I hope to meet Marc again in 2012 and to see him perform, too.  Skippy might not have been cool, but Marc Price certainly is!
Marc Price and me in Alsip, IL-November 2011.

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John Bateman said...

I caught the last 2 or 3 seasons that Family Ties was on - then in reruns. It was a great show. Maybe my second or third favorite from the 1980s.