Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Beat with Adolfo Dorta at Days of the Dead

I spent this last weekend with Cuzz at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis (IN).  This horror convention debuted in Indy in 2011 and has since expanded to Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago (November 16-18, 2012).
Days of the Dead is a great convention.  They have terrific celebrity guests.  I don't know if the organizers demand it or if it is just the good celebs they bring in, but every celeb seems to really want to make it special for their fans.  The lines move slowly, because the celebs actually take the time and effort to make the moment a memorable one.  Nobody can complain about that.
One of the partners behind Days of the Dead is Adolfo Dorta, who also runs FromDuskTillCon.com, a fun site featuring horror news, interviews and more.  Dorta has a great outlook and a passion for the convention and the fans.
I had the pleasure of meeting Adolfo last year, but because he was so busy, we never connected for an interview.  This year, with a few conventions under his belt, he had just a little free time and I grabbed him during a down time.
Adolfo discussed the start, the current status and the future of Days of the Dead.  It is an interesting look at the conventions from the other side of things.  After you watch the interview, head over to DaysoftheDead.net to learn all about this cool con.

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