Thursday, September 27, 2012

On the Beat with Steve Palenica at Wizard World 2012's Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker came through again by scoring an interview with artist-illustrator Steve Palenica at Wizard World.  It helps to have his youth and enthusiasm on board.
Palenica is talented at old school art, as well as high tech digital stuff.  Either way or anything in between, his work just fascinates me.  I could describe it, but it is better for you to just go to to see for yourself.
I appreciated Steve's enthusiasm in the video.  This is one guy who gets it.  For whatever reason, many artists are quiet and introverted even during interviews.  Steve was open and inviting.  We were a little limited at Wizard World, but I would love to interview Steve again at some future convention.  After talking to him, I checked out his work more in depth and I was very impressed.

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