Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the Beat with Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times

I am a bit of a frustrated writer.  I have written for a few publications, but only sparingly.  One of my dream jobs would probably be as a sports-writer.
Gordon Wittenmyer does not have to dream about it.  He is a sports-writer...and a very good one.  He works for the Chicago Sun-Times ad covered the Chicago Cubs last season.
We saw Wittenmyer several times during our time on the field.  I didn't want to bother him, but I also wanted to get a quick interview from him.  As a native of Seattle (WA) and a traveling reporter, I figured he would have some interesting thoughts on baseball travel and he did.
Maybe I should heed my friend Chachi's words when he says, "Hey, we're all professionals here."  Chachi, as usual, is right.  I am not consistently in print like Wittenmyer, but I am a paid (aka "professional") writer.  Wittenmyer seemed a bit surprised when I approached him, but he was gracious with his time and I really appreciate it.
I am not buttering up Wittenmyer for potential future employment.  I simply enjoy Wittenmyer's sports coverage and was happy to get him in my round of interviews.  Be sure to check out Wittenmyer on twitter.
Wittenmyer was just one of the interest people we interviewed at Minute Maid Park.  I turned it all into Travel Favorites of Baseball Greats, an online piece for Global Traveler magazine.  All of the interviews can be found on the YouTube channel.

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