Monday, June 3, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Sam Thompson Meets Billy Corgan

This is a regular feature about my friends who have met celebrities.

Two years ago this Friday, Sam Thompson lost his life after battling health issues his entire 31 years of life.  The world lost one of the good guys that day.
I wrote a story about Sam for the Plainfield Patch and more info can be found on  Today I want to concentrate on what Sam got out of pro wrestling and especially Resistance Pro Wrestling.
Sam was a wrestling fan.  When the Baron brothers (Jacques and Gabriel) were putting together their plan for R Pro, they approached Sam and his brother Zach about being part of the R Pro world.  Zach says that it was Sam's dream job.  Sam was not only able to work, but he was thrilled to work in the pro wrestling industry with friends and family.
Despite his ailments, Sam always stayed positive.  When he joined R Pro, his positive nature got amped up even more.  He was doing something he loved and he valued and he was loved and valued by all.
We have all lost good people in our lives.  The real key to easing the pain is to keep their spirit.  I have seen the Thompson family and friends of Sam feel and keep his spirit alive.
I don't claim to have been a great friend of Sam's.  In reality, I barely knew him.  Still, I knew him well enough and I have heard the stories from other mutual friends.  I feel blessed to have known him even for the short time.
I will think about Sam this Friday, but I will also think about him and all of my other departed family and friends everyday.  Their spirit lives in me and all who knew them.  In the end, aren't we the sum total of the people we have encountered?
Billy Corgan and Sam Thompson in Rosemont, IL-August 2011.

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