Saturday, September 14, 2013

On the Beat with Dirk Manning at Wizard World 2013

I have already interviewed author Dirk Manning at two previous conventions, but somehow I had not learned of his interest in wrestling until just recently.  You know what that means.  A third interview was needed for a little wrestling talk and that occurred at Wizard World 2013.
We talked to Manning about his most recent work.  Manning was at Wizard World with Big Dog Ink to promote Critter and Legend of Oz: The Wicked West.  He discusses both in the interview below.
An interesting side note is that we approached Manning for this interview and he was his usual agreeable self, but he asked us to come back, just so he could introduce Jen Broomall, who created the exclusive cover for Critter Annual.  That was cool of him to share the spotlight and to give us something new.
After discussing his literary works, we got down to some serious wrestling.  Manning gave us some insight into who he likes and who he might like to face in the ring.  (I am still working on making that dream match happen).  He also correctly predicted a WWE Summer Slam match outcome and the aftermath.  Maybe Manning ought to look into another career as a wrestling writer.
You can learn all about him by heading over to the Dirk Manning Facebook page and by following Dirk Manning on twitter.  I am thinking (and probably warning Manning) that he will be in my regular convention interview rotation going forward.

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