Thursday, September 26, 2013

On the Beat with Estevan Vega at Wizard World 2013's Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker and I were roaming around Wizard World before it was open to the public and before many of the guests were at their booths, when one particular display caught my attention.  The attention-getter was Estevan Vega's Arson display.  We made a note to circle back and talk to Vega later, which we did.
Vega has written six novels and Arson is his third.  As usual, I will let Vega describe Arson, but I promise it is an intriguing plot.  Equally as intriguing (at least to me) was the book display which first attracted me.
The cover fascinated me.  A figure with an outstretched hand holding (?) fire.  If this was wrestling, I would say he was preparing to throw a fireball (like the late great Eddie Gilbert).  It is definitely not about wrestling though.
On the other hand, it might also resemble a magician's ad, sort of David Copperfielde-esque.  Again though, it is not about magic.
In short, the cover mystified me.  It appealed to me.  It called to me.  Am I making too big of a deal out of a cover?  I doubt it.  Teams of Marketing people study and research these things.
Even if you think I am overreacting to a cover, I don't care.  It drew me in and when I talked to Vega, I really became interested in his books and I plan on reading them.
There are a lot of talented authors out there.  It really doesn't matter how I discover a good one, so long as I do discover interesting ones.  In this case, it was the cover which brought me to an interesting author.
Vega was very cool and his other books sounded just as interesting.  I am not sure where I will start, but I am leaning towards The Sacred Sin.  I am looking forward to starting my journey into Vega's mind.
To learn more about this talented author, check out and the We Are Arson Facebook page and follow Estevan Vega on twitter.

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