Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christopher and Steven Join Johngy's Beat.

I have been interviewing celebrities for years.  Over those years, several of my friends have taken shots at being the interviewer.  At the recent Days of the Dead, Louie's son Christopher and his friend Steven, became the newest and youngest Johngy's Beat interviewers.
Yesterday, I ran their interview with artist Kurt Dinse.  Over the next few weeks, I will be running more of their interviews, mixed in with my own from Days of the Dead.
I enjoyed the kids doing the interviews.  They came up with some interesting questions and created some good footage.  I love how a youngster's mind works.  It comes from a different angle.  It is just a different dynamic and a change of pace.
Why not?  They are kids.  They enjoyed it.  The interview subjects enjoyed it.  Conventions are supposed to be fun.  This was fun.
I appreciate Christopher and Steven for working on these interviews.  I look forward to calling them back into service on occasion.  Besides, it allows me to kick back a bit.
Steven, me and Christopher at Days of the Dead in Schaumburg, IL-November 2013.

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