Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On the Beat with Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff at Days of the Dead 2013

At Days of the Dead 2013 in Chicago, I stumbled upon two really cool women promoting one really interesting movie.  The women are Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff.  The movie is Truth or Dare.
Jessica wrote Truth or Dare, directs it and stars in it.  Heather is one of Jessica's co-stars.  They sold me on the concept and I will promote Truth or Dare right here.
Truth or Dare is the story of college students who play Truth or Dare with a violent twist.  They become internet stars, but the fun stops when a fan starts playing by his own set of rules.
I love Jessica's explanation of how she got the idea for Truth or Dare.  I also love their enthusiasm.  It is clear that Truth or Dare is a very special project for them.  That kind of passion will undoubtedly show in the movie itself.
I am looking forward to seeing this movie and I am not the only one.  I talked to many patrons at Days of the Dead who also shared the excitement.  Some saw the preview.  Some talked to Jessica and Heather.  Some heard word of mouth.  Any way, the buzz is growing and I hope to help it a bit more.  I can write more, but I think it comes better from them directly.
After you watch the interview, I encourage everyone to check out TruthorDaretheMovie.com to learn more about this intriguing film.  Also, check out JessicaCameron.com and HeatherDorff.com to learn all about these two young stars.

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