Thursday, December 19, 2013

Johngy Meets Zach Thompson in the Squared Circle

The title sounds like a wrestling match.  Considering the two participants, it would be more like a comedy match.  Okay, well at least Zach could provide the comedy.  I might just be comedy relief.
The picture below represents a lot of things and all are good.
It was taken at The Squared Circle, a restaurant owned and operated by Lisa Marie Varon, a wrestling legend and Chicagoan.  I don't get to TSC enough, but it remains one of my favorite places.  It has great food, a lively (but not too crazy) atmosphere and Varon is not only usually there, she is usually there mingling with the patrons.  You could not want more from a place.
It is also a great spot to run into fellow wrestling fans and wrestlers.  Resistance Pro broadcaster Zach and I did not plan this meeting.  I was there with another friend and Zach happened to take the seat next to me at the bar.  It was just a random meeting, but one which is likely to happen at TSC.
Two years ago, I would not have known Zach.  I met him through R Pro.  Zach is a great guy.  His whole family is wonderful.  Zach is a valued asset at R Pro and extremely well-liked by all.  I am happy to call him a friend.
Zach also does comedy.  You can get all of the info on Zach, including where to find him on the comedy circuit at On the Beat with Zach Thompson.
There you have it.  A cool restaurant.  A fun owner.  A new friend.  A chance encounter.  It all adds up to a memorable photo for me.  Sometimes many factors converge to produce a lot more than you can see in a simple picture.
Zach Thompson and me at The Squred Circle in Chicago, IL-November 2013.

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