Friday, December 13, 2013

On the Beat with April Hunter at Days of the Dead 2013

April Hunter has had a busy, successful and interesting career.  She has appeared in Playboy, was a Nitro Girl in WCW wrestling, wrestled, modeled, acted and on and on.  She has done all well and has been popular at every level.
Hunter has been on my "want" list for a long time.  I missed her at a few previous conventions.  When I saw she was appearing at Days, I contacted her and she agreed to do a short interview.
I was very happy to meet Hunter, but even happier after seeing just how incredibly nice and friendly she was in person.  She talked to us before and after the interview, as well as the other days of the convention.  We talked about acting, wrestling and other fun stuff.
I also have to applaud Hunter for her booth display.  She brought many 8x10's and other stuff.  She had something to satisfy any fan.  Not only is she good to her fans, she is a smart businesswoman!  I was torn between two of her pictures and ended up getting both.
Hunter was a real sweetheart.  I hope to catch her again at a future convention.  I would love to hear more stories (on or off the record).
After watching the interview, head over to to learn more about her.  Also, check out the April Hunter Facebook page and follow April Hunter on twitter.

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