Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On the Beat with Brian O'Halloran at Days of the Dead 2013

At Days of the Dead,'s Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker set his sights on an interview with Brian O'Halloran, perhaps best known for his role in Clerks.  I thought it was a lofty goal, especially without any pre-convention correspondence, but Matt gave it his best shot...and landed the big interview!
O'Halloran was extremely nice.  He gave Matt several minutes of his time and gave us an interesting interview.
O'Halloran obviously respects Kevin Smith, as he has done several films with the Smith crew.  It certainly is a winning formula.
One movie that has escaped me so far is Vulgar, in which O'Halloran plays a clown who is attacked and traumatized.  I need to see that movie, but I digress.
We really appreciate O'Halloran for doing the interview.  He was very busy at the convention, yet he made time for us and we could not be happier.
Great job, Matt!

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