Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Belated Happy Birthday to Bob Uecker (and Me)

A few years ago, Matt Parker and I were on the field at Miller Park.  We were trying to get some pre-game interviews, when we spotted the legendary Bob Uecker sitting in the dugout.  I could not pass up a shot at getting Uecker!
I had a couple interesting things in my arsenal.  Uecker had recently golfed with Fran Gallagher, my great friend and Publisher of Global Traveler magazine.  Also, Uecker and I share a birthday.  I figured if I started with these facts, it would be more conversational and I would land Uecker.  I was right.  The interview is at In the Dugout with Bob Uecker.  With 10,043 views, it is my 7th most viewed interview.  It is also one of my favorites.
I got the Ueck!!!
Bob Uecker is a baseball icon.  He was never a baseball star and he probably gained much more fame post-retirement.  Whether as an announcer, author, spokesperson or actor, Uecker has remeained popular.  Everyone knows Uecker and I got him!
He was one of my first big interviews.  It wasn't lengthy.  It wasn't riveting.  Yet, it was mine!
Bob Uecker and me in Milwaukee, WI-Summer 2009.

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Jean Parker said...

Happy belated birthday to you !
I will have to check out that interview ...