Sunday, January 5, 2014

Otis the Alligator Got Me

Actually, the headline should have read "Otis the Alligator Peed All Over My Leg," but I wanted to keep it a bit cleaner (cleaner than my leg at least).  Darn alligator!
It all started innocently enough at the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis.  Cuzz Gekas saw a table where they were letting you pose with a tarantula or a mini-gator.
I had several tarantulas (although I have no pictures with them), but I never held a mini-gator.  Plus, the gator had its' snout sealed shut and I figured it would be easier to control than a tarantula.
The best laid plans of mice and Johngy...
Cuzz and I carefully held Otis and the photog snapped a few pictures.  Otis started squirming just a bit and I saw Cuzz back away as he mentioned that Otis was urinating.  It was too late for yours truly though.  Otis let go a solid stream down my right leg.
Fortunately, my cameras, wallet and keys were in my other pockets.  Still, I had the right side of my shorts soaked in gator urine.  At least our hotel was located just across the parking lot.  I dried my leg with a couple towels at the table and we headed back to our room to change.
I love the picture below.  I look so happy.  Of course I was happy.  My shorts were still dry!
After the urination, I started to think of better things to do with the gator than posing for pictures.  I thought about alligator jerky, alligator soup, alligator ribs...well you get the idea.
Cuzz Gekas, Otis and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2013.

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Jean Parker said...

Your story made me smile today!! It makes me think of warmer weather considering we won't be leaving the house today because of all the snow and cold temps..