Saturday, February 15, 2014

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss-02/10/2014

The Chicago Bliss entered their second month of practices as they prepare to defend their 2013 Legends Football League title.  Coach Keith Hac has already guaranteed a repeat and the path to the 2014 title starts with these practices.
As much as I look forward to the actual games, these practices have been very interesting.  I see veterans busting their butts as they strive to be bigger, faster, stronger (that's my recurring theme for them).  I see rookie prospects learning and pushing themselves.
Some of the coolest things are seeing the veterans helping the rookies.  I have seen many occasions where one of the vets took time to give a little one-on-one talk to a rookie.  It is all about making the team better.  I have heard many rookies say that even if they can't make the team, at least they pushed the veterans.
The good of having so many women attend the tryouts is that the Bliss will be comprised of the best of the best.  The bad part is several talented, eager, nice women will not make the cut.  Coach Hac and his staff have some tough decisions, but I know that the final roster will be the best group to chase the 2014 title.
At the 2/10 practice, we talked to veteran Yahshi Rice, along with rookie prospects Lindsey Mikulecky, Jess Price, Jeanne Knepper and Kira Brabeck.  Rice gave us her thoughts on 2013 and 2014, while we talked to the rookies about their path to the Bliss.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy doing them.  The Chicago Bliss are a blast.  They are hard-working, tough, and entertaining.  I strongly encourage everyone to get on the Bliss bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

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