Friday, March 28, 2014

On the Beat with Shari Onley of the Chicago Bliss

How does Shari Onley follow up the title she won with the New South Wales Surge in the Australian Legends Football League?  The plan is to help the Chicago Bliss win their second straight U.S. LFL title.
Onley was a major reason why the Surge won their championship and she looks to be a major reason for excitement for the Bliss chances of winning another one.  That is why she was recruited by the Bliss.
I have followed Onley's success in the LFL all the way from beginning to the title.  I even joked with her on Facebook about coming to Chicago.  Little did I know I was actually onto something.
The Bliss and Onley are keeping her position a secret, but no matter what it is, I know she will be an impact player.  With her athleticism and a season of LFL football under her belt, Onley will be a great addition to the already loaded Bliss roster.
I was very proud to get the first U.S. interview with Onley.  She talked about her Surge championship, her new team and more.
Now I am even more hopped up on the Bliss.  Their season opener is next Friday in Milwaukee.  I hope to see some of my friends up there.  Come join the fun!

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