Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kal Herro is the #1 #SuperFriend

David Herro runs Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Wisconsin.  I really like David.  He is a class act.
He has his own #SuperFriends tshirts.  He does even better than I do with getting people to wear the shirt, although he has been at it longer and has a little more cache.
David's son is Kal and from all accounts, Kal is a chip off the old block.  He is a fine young man.  He also seems to have a little fan following already.  Hey, the kid has charisma.
I have seen him get involved at a couple shows and he is very comfortable in the ring and on the mic.  It is actually entertaining.  I am sure it is too early to know where his future will be, but I could certainly see him following his dad's footsteps.
Kal is a great kid and it was very nice to meet him.  If you are anywhere near a future GLCW show, I encourage you to attend and say "hi" to David and Kal!
Kal Herro and me in Milwaukee, WI-December 2013.

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