Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On the Beat at Resistance Pro's "Don't Tread"

Last month's Resistance Pro's "Don't Tread" was another excellent show.  If you think I am just repeating myself, I challenge you to come to one of their shows and find out for yourself.  You will be saying the same thing, too.
It was another solid night for, too, as we got several interesting interviews.  "Mr. M80" Marshe Rockett was getting shot at Jocephus Brody's title.  We talked to Marshe before his match and got his thoughts, along with the first look at his new shirt available for purchase.
After a year long absence (because of a "Loser leaves R Pro for a year" match with "The Ego" Robert Anthony), Mr. 450 returned and was looking for revenge.  We talked to him about what he had been doing and what his future holds.
Warden Myers is right in the middle of the action as always.  Two of his inmates were fighting for freedom, but one chose not to fight.  The Warden is never without a backup plan though.  He had two new men under his thumb, although he wouldn't reveal them during the interview.  (Johngy's Beat does give the reveal in it though.)
Chris Hall revealed his new shirt, but did not reveal his latest career path.  (Check back to the Warden's interview for a little clue.)
Just when I thought I was going to get that interview with Colonel Jesse Corgan, Timekeeper Mike Bellcaster stepped in and ousted me.  I have no idea where this is going, but I do not like it one bit.
Superfan and wrestling columnist Jonathan McMahon made his interview debut on both ends of the questions.  First, I interviewed him about his path to Resistance.  Then he took over the interview duties and got the latest scoop from Scotty Young.  Welcome to the Universe, JMc and thank you.
That's a lot of action for a three hour show and that is just from my end.  The actual R Pro wrestling was even more entertaining.  Plus, I did not even mention the women of the Chicago Bliss who were there again.  Next show, I will have to get their opinions.
Speaking of the next show, it is this Friday, May 16.  "Savage Amusement" promises to be what the title proclaims.  Two days away and I can't wait..

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