Sunday, May 18, 2014

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Coach Keith Hac at the 2014 Season Opener

Last Friday, the Chicago Bliss took one giant step towards repeating as LFL champions when they beat the Los Angeles Temptation in their season opener.  Although it sounds cliche, these teams do not like each other.  It is just one win, but it was a huge victory.
I arrived early.  I love getting to an empty arena.  It is so peaceful, yet energetic.  It is cool to watch everything fall into place as time passes.
In the middle of all of the controlled chaos, Coach Keith Hac came over to us and gave us his thoughts on the game and the flag raising ceremony.  His words on the game were expected, but he did surprise me with his comments on raising the flag.  Coach Hac continues to be an honest and refreshing interview.
I watched part of the game from the end zone and part from the press box.  I have to admit to being a bit nervous at half time, as time seemed to be against the Bliss.  On the other hand, I have faith in Coach Hac and the Bliss.  I knew they would make the adjustments and come on strong in the second half.  I just hoped the clock would not work against them.
The Bliss played tough defense throughout the second half and scored on their only real possession.  (I am not counting the "kneel down" as a possession for this purpose.)  The Bliss won 25-21 and the celebration began.
We let the team have a few moments to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  They deserved that at the very least, especially Coach Hac.
When we finally approached him, he looked relieved and ecstatic.  It was a long day, full of distractions, yet the team never quit and beat a very tough Temptation team.  We also got his post-game thoughts.
I really appreciate Coach Hac giving us his time and consideration.  I also appreciate his effort in leading the Bliss.  I highly encourage everyone to hop on the Bliss bandwagon now!  Their next game is Friday, June 13.

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