Sunday, May 11, 2014

On the Beat with JP Peletis of the Fox 103.9

Resistance Pro Wrestling has been around for about 2.5 years.  The Fox 103.9 has been around for about a year.  The Chicago Bliss have been around in one form or another for 10 years.  Last Saturday, these three relatively new companies all came together at Gnarly J's at the 2014 Chicago Bliss Kickoff Party and's Special Interviewer Eric St. Vaughn of R Pro talked to JP Peletis about all of this.
The Fox just recently announced a sponsorship with the Chicago Bliss.  The Fox has already been associated with R Pro for a while.  Recently, R Pro and the Chicago Bliss have come together for some joint possibilities.  As JP explains, it all makes perfect sense and is beneficial to all.
Knowing all three companies, I can attest to the quality of each, the class of people and the way each does business.  Each is top notch and that is why I love working with all of them.
This is just the beginning of this three-headed monster.  I expect more mutual support and events.  Of course, will be at those events.
Once again, ESV (he of the 40k video views) does an outstanding job being on the other side of the interview.  I also want to thank JP for his kind words about appearing in a interview.  I am quite sure there will be more JP.  Just ask ESV and his multiple interviews!

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