Sunday, July 13, 2014

On the Beat with Brian Steward at Days of the Dead Indy 2014

What can I say about artist Brian Steward?  Obviously, he is incredibly talented and creative.  I started following Brian because of a Giada print, but it takes more than Giada to keep me hooked.  Brian certaibnly has a lot more in his body of work than just Giada.
Brian also is a funny guy.  To quote his Facebook page, "I draw stuff. Horrifying things, sexy things, clever things and thingy things as well."  Thingy things?  Just what is a thing thing?  Never mind.  I probably don't want to know or he probably would try tricking me with his answer anyway.
I am excited that he has an upcoming movie project.  His "Elephant Man of War" is being made into a movie.  Brian was a bit tight-lipped on the details, but I made him promise to give us scoops as details are available.  (In other words, I threatened to bug him at every convention.)  From artist to movie-maker seems an interesting jump and I am excited to watch it all develop and to see the finished product.  With Steward behind it, expect the unexpected.
My only real complaint about Steward sis that I am not pictured with him in his gallery on his site.  He has several pictures with favorite Traci Lords.  He has pictures with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.  I get all of that, but he also has pictures with some relatively unknowns.  Where is Johngy?
I am the 316th best source for pop culture nuggets. is in the top 10 million websites of all time.  I have my own shirt.  I have even been recognized and asked for pictures at a few conventions.  Surely this must translate to something.
Maybe it is just an oversight on Brian's part.  Hey, when you are mingling with the likes of Traci and Ace, I understand how Johngy might take a backseat.  I am sure I will take my rightful place when things settle down.
Until then, I encourage everyone to check out the interview below.  After that, head over to to see a lot of his great work and to get updates on his projects in the works.  You might also eventually see Johngy on there.

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