Monday, August 18, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Noah Sanchez and "The Ego" Robert Anthony

This is a weekly series about friends meeting celebrities.

I really love the picture below.  It just blows my mind looking at it and thinking about all that it represents.  It is past, present and future.
Noah is my first cousin's grandson.  We have all reconnected a bit over the last few years.  Noah is growing up to be a fine young man.  He's smart, funny and just a great kid.  At least I think I can still call him a kid (but not for long).
Robert Anthony (aka "The Ego") is one of my favorite wrestlers and truly a nice guy (at least outside of the ring).  I have seen Ego work very hard at his craft and rise through the ranks to become one of the elite wrestlers on the RPro roster.  He is that good.
Noah and Ego have developed a bit of a friendship.  Noah has interviewed him twice and has talked to him a few other times.  It is heartwarming to see and I am proud that I had a hand in putting them together.
So there it is.  The past, the present and I am sure they will connect in the future and I will be there watching, especially since it will probably be at a Resistance event.
Noah Sanchez and Robert Anthony in Willowbrook, IL-May 2014.

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