Sunday, August 31, 2014

On the Beat with Matthew Mossotti at Wizard World 2014

I owe my Resistance Pro friend Sheri Shaw for today's feature.  Prior to attending Wizard World 2014 in Chicago, Sheri told me about Matthew Mossotti and I was very intrigued.
According to his website, Mossotti is a philosopher and developer of creative media.  That seems deep and intriguing.  Once I started talking to him at his booth, I realized how accurate it is.
Mossotti is a fascinating guy.  He is the creative force behind the SpeciMen Trilogy, a graphic novel series.  Listening to Mossotti explain the concept of SpeciMen captivated me.  I was hooked immediately.
According to the SpeciMen Trilogy Facebook page, the SpeciMen Trilogy is "A ‘Star Wars meets The Matrix’ action-adventure, a complex tapestry of global intrigue, cutting-edge physics, ancient mythologies, & sacred scriptures."  Clearly this isn't your average graphic novel.
Mossotti discussed philosophy, religion, politics, events and much more when explaining SpeciMen to me.  The knowledge and research alone which was put into the series blows my mind.  Mossotti did not just write some fantasy joy-ride series.  This is thought-provoking, to say the very least.
I really want to keep up with the developments of this series.  I plan on following Mossotti and the SpeciMen Trilogy updates going forward.  I hope to have the chance to interview him again for more updates and info.

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