Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bear Down Sunday: Game 2 San Francisco 49ers

The Chicago Bears lost their first game of the season last week.  Today, they face a tough opponent in the San Francisco 49ers.  While this isn't a "must win" yet, it would be an ugly start to go 0-2.
I would like to use today to highlight Chicago's best football coach, Keith Hac.  All Hac has done is lead the Bliss to consecutive Legends Football League titles.  They are 10-1-1 over the last two years and they are the favorites to dominate again next season.
I always say that I appreciate Hac's candor.  He talks a great game and the team backs it up every time.  He also admits when his team isn't playing well (which isn't often).
I saw Hac and his staff mold several rookie hopefuls into solid players, while motivating the veterans to up their game.  He knows what to do to get the most out of everyone.  The players love him and would run through a wall for him.  
While he does have some of the best players in the LFL, I am sure he has had much to do with that.  It isn't just luck.  He doesn't just get great players.  He helps make great players.  He teaches them and keeps teaching them.
Hac is a winner and he creates winners.  We don't see enough of either of those around Chicago.
Coach Keith Hac and me in Los Angeles, CA-September 2014.

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