Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the Beat with Lou Ferrigno at Wizard World 2014

I have had the pleasure of covering Wizard World for several years.  I have done so on my own, as an official video blogger and as a member of the credentialized press.  Previous to that, I went as a fan.
This year, the experience was taken to another level, when I was part of the media group at a pre-event gathering before the actual convention in Chicago.
The event featured two celebrity Guests of Honor, Lou Ferrigno and Jason David Frank.  I got to interview each man separately.  What a blast this was.
The question I really wanted to ask Ferrigno was how he felt about the new technology making the superheros (including the Hulk) literally larger than life.  Back when he was on The Incredible Hulk, he really was the Hulk.  That was the great part.  Aside from the green makeup, he didn't need any enhancements.
His answer was awesome.  In the end he will be the only one who can ever sign autographs!  How perfect and how fitting for a comic con.
I also asked Ferrigno about The King of Queens, his motivations, his acting and more.  It was a bit noisy at the event, but we did our best and would never pass on a chance to intervuiew Ferrigno.

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