Thursday, October 9, 2014

Aquaman Spotted at C2E2 2014

Whenever I go to a comic con, among my many goals is seeing someone dressed as Aquaman.  I alwatys see lots of Spiderman, Superman, batman etc.  Aquaman is a rarity and when I find one, I always make sure to get a picture.
This year at C2E2, we were suffering from the usual Aquaman drought when Matt spied a new school version of Aquaman posing with some fans.  I prefer old school Aquaman, but I applaud any of the versions.
This particular Aquaman did a very good job with his costume.  He even carried the trident with him.  (Of course, that could also help him push through the massive crowds...but Aquaman would never do that.)
You might ask why I never dress as Aquaman.  That is simple.  I never dress as anyone.  I did have my new Aquaman Johngy shirt (courtesy of Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker).
I guess people dress as their favorite characters, but how many Jokers can we possibly see?  How about being original?  Let's see someone come as Egghead or Mr. Mxyzptlk.  I applaud the brave souls who come as Aquaman.  Whether they love the man of water or whether they want to be different, I will always support them and seek them.
There are many more comic cons on my slate for 2014.  I am hoping to see many more Aquaman fans.  I will also try to pose with each one of them.
Aquaman and me in Chicago, IL-April 2014.

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Jean Parker said...

Nice shirt!!