Thursday, October 2, 2014

On the Beat with New Tag Team Champ Eric St. Vaughn

This post and this interview is over 2 years in the making.  It is all well worth it though.  (Of course, Eric St. Vaughn did all of the hard work to get to this point.)
When I heard that Eric St. Vaughn had joined Resistance Pro wrestling, I immediately contacted him about an interview.  ESV was going to be RPro's first home grown star and I wanted to get him from day one.
Despite his in-ring persona, ESV had always treated me very well.  He never turned down my many interview requests.  Win, lose or draw, he always was willing to talk to  Even after a particularly hard and tiring show, ESV gave time to talk to a group of teenage interns.  ESV proved that you could be a bad guy in the ring, but not a total jerk outside.
I have witnessed how hard this man worked at his craft.  He started in D'Arcy's Dynasty and morphed into the leader of Body Magic.  His fan section at the shows is always the largest and loudest.  Clearly, ESV has been doing something right.
In truth, he is still learning in the ring, but together with Brady Pierce, Body Magic captured tag team gold at the recent RPro show.  The place went wild.  Wrestlers, fans, RPro management and a reality tv show crew all congratulated and celebrated with ESV.
After the win and the victory tour around the arena, ESV was mobbed in the lockerroom.  After a brief celebration there, he had some interviews to do with the reality show folks.  A visibly emotional and exhausted ESV emerged from the backstage area and signaled me for our interview.
This was the interview I had planned for years.  True, as is stated in the interview, "everything went off the rails," but that was okay for this night.  We got cameos by other wrestlers, plastic fruit and bread, laughs, emotions and more.  I hope I did this win justice for ESV.
I want to take this time to publicly thank ESV  for letting me ride along on his journey.  The title is yours, buddy.  You worked for this, dreamed of it and now you are living it.
It was another magical night at RPro.  Actually, it was a Body Magic-al night!

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Evil Zebra said...

CONGRATS to Eric St. Vaughn....

Well deserved title!!

Hell, you should have already won a belt just for putting up with Johngy hanging around you all the time.....

Take it,