Friday, December 12, 2014

On the Beat with Mad Man Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson at Days of the Dead 2014

Crazy Mary Dobson and Mad Man Pondo are two of my favorite wrestlers in Resistance Pro.  On the surface they are seemingly opposites, yet they are a great match.
Pondo is a ring veteran of many years.  When I heard he was coming to RPro, I expected to see hardcore wrestling from him.  I have seen plenty of that, but I have also seen a veteran who is willing to help the younger wrestlers any chance he gets.
If I say Pondo is caring, he might crash my skull with his trademark stop sign, but the truth is he does care.  He cares about the sport of wrestling, Resistance Pro as a company and the individual wrestlers.  He has shown himself to be a real company man, while still being a hardcore wrestler.
Crazy Mary came in a one of many women trying to earn respect in the women's division.  She has put on many great matches.  She went to Japan for several months to hone her skills.  Since her return, even the WWE has taken notice and put her on their program a few times.  I think it is only a short matter of time before she has televised matches with the WWE.
At the recent Days of the Dead convention, I caught up with the couple.  They talked to me about some of their horror favorites, as well as what they have been doing in wrestling.
These two are just great.  I love them both.  I encourage everyone to come out to the next RPro show on January 17 to see them in action.  They will not disappoint!  Until then, check out my interview below and then go to for more info on them and RPro.

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