Friday, December 19, 2014

Reby Sky and Me (Oh and Matt Hardy, Too)

Did Matt Hardy have to ruin this great picture of Reby Sky and myself?  Couldn't he have just stayed behind?  He is married to her and shouldn't need to be with her every second.
Okay, I am only half-serious (maybe 60% at the most).  Hardy is a much-accomplished pro wrestler who married Reby, his long-time girlfriend.  Reby is a multi-talented performer (dancer, model, wrestler and more).
The couple was appearing together at Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's (GLCW) Blizzard Brawl.  Much like at an earlier Resistance Pro show, I wanted to get a picture with Reby, but it appeared to be a combo deal (at best).  By that I mean I think I could have gotten Hardy alone, but not sure about Reby.
Truthfully, this has more to do with respect for Hardy.  He is the main attraction.  If taking one picture, it would be hard to ask for Reby alone, without Hardy.  I am sure someone asked for Reby alone, but I did not witness anyone.
It isn't really a big deal.  Hardy was pretty cool and Reby was as sweet as she was cute.  At least I was able to get between them (for the photo).  Hmm...maybe I can crop out Hardy.  Then I would be alone with the divine Reby (at least in the picture)!
Matt Hardy, Reby Sky and me in Waukesha, WI-December 2013.

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