Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Scott

Every other day of the year, I throw barbs at Scott, my brother-in-law.  Today, I take it easy on him, because it is his birthday.
Despite our competitiveness, I have to admit we have a lot of fun.  Scott has always been there for me and I appreciate him immensely.
Last summer, we even united to make a ridiculously tasty blueberry-peach pie.  We usually are pitted against each other, but for some reason, we teamed up for the pie challenge.  It's amazing what that type of teamwork produced.
Don't get me wrong though, we quickly reverted back to our usual oneupsmanship.  I don't think the pie was even finished before we started our usual trash talk.
I digress though.  Today is Scott's day.  Happy birthday to Scott.  Enjoy your day.
Scott Parker and me in Coloma, MI-August 2014.

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Jean Parker said...

And the pie was delicious!
Happy Birthday Scott …. love you!