Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On the Beat with Asst. Coach Ryan Andrews and Bridget McDonnell of the Chicago Bliss

I love it when worlds collide.  I love a good partnership.  I love one group supporting another's event.  Saturday night at Resistance Pro's "Animals" was an excellent example of all of this.
One week prior to the 2015 Chicago Bliss tryouts, Assistant Coach Ryan Andrews and second year player Bridget McDonnell were in attendance to support the new era of RPro.  This partnership goes back almost a year, when the Bliss first started appearing at RPro events.
Coach Biggs and BMac have been two of th most regular supporters at RPro events.  There is even rumors that Biggs wants a shot at the tag team titles (a rumor that Biggs probably started).
It's always good to see my Bliss friends.  It's even better to talk football with them.  After the night of wrestling, I sat down with both to talk about the upcoming Bliss season and the tryouts.
I really appreciate Biggs and BMac giving their time and talking about the two time Legends Football League champs.  I encourage everyone to check out the Bliss Facebook page to learn more about the Bliss and the tryouts on Saturday, January 24.  In the meantime, check out the interview below.

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