Friday, January 30, 2015

On the Beat with Dominique Collins of the Chicago Bliss at the 2015 Tryouts

At the Chicago Bliss tryouts last Saturday, I almost missed Dominique Collins at first glance.  Gone was her trademark hair style.  Instead, she sported a straight style.  DC looks great either way, but more important, she plays great!
After the 2013 season, I watched Collins come to practice more focused and determined than ever.  She was a sight to see.  She didn't just catch the ball, she snatched it out of the air.  It was like she was in the zone right from the start.  She left off at a high level after the 2013 season, but she picked up her game even more.  I was so impressed and she continued to impress me all season.
DC was also one of my inspirations as I prepared for the 2014 Chicago Marathon.  I follow her on social media and see how hard she trains.
As I have documented previously, DC was the first Bliss player we interviewed at a game.  She has always been a great interview.  She is fun and honest.  In this interview, we talked about the 2014 championship, the threepeat, the new home for the Bliss and more.
Knowing DC's style, I looked forward to asking her about a play that made the LFL highlight reel.  Collins was on the receiving end of a big hit as she attempted to make a tackle.  The hit was replayed and shared all over the internet.  What wasn't shown quite enough though, was how DC bounced back and lead the team in tackles that game.
DC did not dodge the question.  She gave us her thoughts, brutally honestly as always.  I have a lot of respect for DC.  She handled it with true class and poise at the time and that is how she discusses it now.  She accepted what happened and then refocused.  DC set an example for all athletes (and non-athletes).
After you watch the video, please check out to learn more about Collins, the Bliss and the LFL.  Also, be sure to check back here, as we will be covering the Bliss as they go fro the threepeat!

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