Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On the Beat with Jess Price of the Chicago Bliss at the 2015 Tryouts

The Chicago Bliss are back and they are still hungry.  Not content with merely winning back-to-back Legends Football League championships, they are determined (and guaranteeing) to get the threepeat!
We attended the tryouts for the 2015 team last Saturday.  It was great to see so many returning veterans from the championship team.  This team is definitely poised for the threepeat.  There are a few open spots though and the Bridgeview Dome had a bunch of athletic women trying to gain one of those spots.
We spoke to second year Bliss player Jess Price.  At last year's tryouts, Price was an eager athlete trying to earn a spot.  She not only made the team, but she made some significant contributions during the season.
We talked to Price about her feelings after winning the Legends Cup as a rookie, her thoughts on the new home for the Bliss and more.  Price is always a fun interview and this was no different.
We are back on the Bliss Beat and we are so excited about the upcoming season.  After you watch the interview, check out for all of the info and updates on the Bliss and the rest of the league.

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