Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Barbara Magnolfi Is A Class Act

Barbara Magnolfi is an actress with a lengthy resume.  Magnolfi is best known for her role as Olga in Dario Argento's horror cult classic "Suspiria" and as the main character in "The Sister of Ursula."
Last year, I saw that Magnolfi was going to appear at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis.  I contacted her for an interview and received a positive response.  Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and I did not get the interview.
I have often written that I never expect an interview.  Celebrities and athletes do not owe me or anyone else anything.  They provide entertainment to us.  It is a privilege to do what I do and to get extra access at some events.
I usually don't write negative stuff.  I prefer to concentrate on the positive experiences.  I have written a few times about bad times, but usually because I found humor in what happened.
Earlier this year, I wrote about my failed attempt to get an interview with Magnolfi in Indy.  The piece lacked humor and I found out later that it lacked accuracy.  This is where it gets really interesting.
I found out about my errors because Magnolfi contacted me.  She explained what happened and expressed regret that we did not connect for that interview.  She was respectful and gracious.  Had I done due diligence and contacted her before writing the story, I would have discovered all of this.
On the positive side though, this all lead to a wonderful series of exchanges with Magnolfi.  I apologized to Magnolfi for writing before checking back with her and she responded very positively.  I appreciate her contacting me and her honesty.  She did not have to do that.  She could have been nasty and opposed to any sort of future communication.  In short, she went way out of her way and was nice about it.  She even agreed to an interview if our paths crossed again.  She took the high road and I have a new found appreciation and respect for her.
I sincerely hope to see Magnolfi again at a convention.  I still find her career fascinating and would love to discuss it.  Now I also know a bit more about her character and I am definitely impressed.
I don't know if I will ever see her to get that interview to learn even more about her, but for now, please check out to learn all about her and get her updates.
Thank you Barbara Magnolfi.  You are a woman of class and dignity, who possesses a big heart.

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