Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deena, Alli and Johngy

Many friends have posted pictures wearing the Johngy's Beat shirt.  I am grateful for all of them and I always get a childish giggle seeing others wearing the shirt.
One of my favorite pictures features Deena Fagiano and Alli Alberts of the Chicago Bliss.  I was having a crappy day.  I stopped for lunch and was meandering around social media when I saw the posted picture from Deena.  Her comment was "reppin reppin we reppin Johngy's Beat.  Best journalist eva eva eva."
How could that not make my day turn around immediately?  The Johngy shirt never looked better than in the twofer picture with these two beautiful, fun and very sweet ladies.  Did I mention that they are also tough as can be members of the Chicago Bliss?
Well, at least at the time they were both members of the Bliss.  Unfortunately for Bliss fans, Deena left Chicago.  Fortunately, Alli is still here though.
Even nowm this picture makes me smile.  I remember first seeing it.  I remember great times with the Bliss during that magical 2014 season.  I remember two awesome women always being as friendly and fun as can be.
Thank you Deena and Alli.
Deena Fagiano and Alli Alberts in Darien, IL-Summer 2014.

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