Friday, February 27, 2015

The Chicago Bliss and Kids

It is easy to dismiss the Chicago Bliss as beautiful girls playing football in lingerie.  While I cannot argue with that definition, I can argue that the Bliss go well beyond just that.
I have previously written about how tough these ladies are.  I have also written about how much fun the games are.  The games are as competitive as any football games I have ever seen.
Another side of the women of the Bliss was seen when they invaded Resistance Pro wrestling last year.  Sure, they took pictures with the many male fans who were smitten by their charm, beauty and personalities.  They posed with those fans and signed autographs for them.
What might have gone unnoticed though was their interaction with the young fans.  My friends Louie and George brought their kids to the show and the kids had a ball meeting these women athletes.  Especially since they were not in game-day mode, the Bliss ladies were able to interact a bit more than usual with the young fans.
The Bliss is not just for men.  A Bliss game is several hours of fun and great sport.  Men, women and children will enjoy a Bliss game.  The season opener is on Saturday, April 25 at Toyota Park.  For more information, check out
Katy Massey, Jess Price, Jamie Barwick in Willowbrook, IL-April 2014.

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