Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Culture Shock with Tom Savini

Tom Savini has an impressive resume as an actor, director, stuntman, special effects creator and much more.  His name is probably not as familiar as his face.  Most people know him as soon as they see him, although everyone seems to know him from something else.  That's what happens when you are in so many movies.
Savini is a staple at comic cons, especially horror-themed ones.  He is popular for many reasons.  When you are involved with popular movies (or tv shows), those fans flock to you.
His appearances on such franchises as The Simpsons, Dawn of the Dead and Creepshow (to name just a few) guarantee him a steady fanbase at the conventions.
I applaud Savini for indulging his fans, too.  He has a great assortment of 8x10's.  This is hugely important to these fans.  If you are a collector of The Simpsons, you want an 8x10 of Savini from The Simpsons.  Any other shot won't do or will be disappointing at least.
I also applaud Savini for always being cool at these shows.  He does a lot of them and that could become tiring.  Instead, he seems to embrace the shows and the fans.
I have seen Savini at many shows, but thanks to the fine folks at Days of the Dead, I spent a little extra time with him at their Culture show.  Thank you Tom Savini and thank you to the wonderful staff at DotD.
Tom Savini and me in Indianapolis, IN-March 2015.

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