Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On the Beat with Kim Perez of the Chicago Bliss

We continue our coverage of the 2015 Chicago Bliss by taking a break from our "Meet the Rookies" series to focus on Kim Perez, a veteran of the two LFL titles won by the team.  The veteran wears #10 and plays safety and quarterback.
Playing quarterback on a team with the two-time LFL MVP, "Rockstar" Heather Furr entrenched in that position, cannot be easy.  During her time with the Bliss, Perez has certainly earned her time on the highlight reel.
In this video, we discuss her path to the Bliss, her athletic background and more.  Is it mere coincidence that the Bliss have won the LFL title ever season since she joined?  Also, don't let her calm demeanor fool you.  She is ready to hit some people on the field.
One of my fun memories was hanging around for a bit with Kim on the field prior to last season's championship game.  I am hoping I get the opportunity to hang with the team again at the 2015 Legends Cup.  I certainly will be hanging around the team all season as they go for the 3peat.
You can follow their progress here, as I present more interviews and game thoughts.  You can also go to LFLUS.com or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page to get more info and updates.

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