Friday, April 24, 2015

Dee Wallace Joined General Hospital and Did Not Tell Me!

Actress Dee Wallace made her television debut on "Lucas Tanner" and her film debut in "The Stepford Wives."  She has had a lengthy and succssful career since then, including recently joining "General Hospital," but more on that later.
Wallace would be welcome at any celebrity convention.  Her many roles and fan-friendly attitude make her very popular.  Her roles in many horror films, most notably "The Howling" and "Cujo" make her a natural for horror cons.  Of course, she also starred in "E.T.," which adds another group of fans.
I just met Wallace at (Days of the Dead) Culture Shock.  We talked to her about her career and I asked for any scoops (as I always do).  Unfortunately, she did not reveal her "General Hospital" status.  That would have been cool to get that news.  Wallace played a sister of Luke and Bobbie Spencer.
Unfortunately, her stint was short-lived.  Wallace is already gone from GH.  Hopefully, this did not spoil the show for anyone, but it was a couple weeks ago.  Her character was brought on as part of a huge reveal dealing with the Spencer childhood.
Either way, it was a pleasure meeting Wallace.  Leave it to Days of the Dead to continually bring new, great celebrities to their cons.
Dee Wallace and me in Indianapolis, IN-February 2015.

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