Saturday, April 11, 2015

On the Beat with Dana Lorraine of the Chicago Bliss

Dana Lorraine was a player on the Chicago Bliss teams that won the last two Legends Football League championships.  Dana decided to step away from the on-field action for this season, but she is not stepping away from the Bliss.
Dana will be involved in many aspects of the Bliss organization.  She will be doing some marketing and promotion, as well as some other "office" work.  As a former player, Dana will be an asset to the team's front office.  She can also lend a hand at practices.
In our interview below, we talked about Dana's time playing with the Bliss, along with some other fun topics, like if she will miss hitting people.  Dana might not be playing this season, but she will be very visible around the team.
This concludes our first round of interviews with the Bliss.  The first game of the season is this evening, against the Atlanta Steam.  Sat tuned here for more coverage all season.  For more information and updates, check out or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

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