Thursday, April 2, 2015

On the Beat with Javell Thompson of the Chicago Bliss

Continuing our "Meet the Rookies" series in our coverage of the 2015 Chicago Bliss, we are putting the spotlight on Javell Thompson.  Wearing #6, Javell made the squad as a running back-defensive back.
In our introductory interview, we talked about Javell's athletic background, her path to the Bliss and more.  We had some fun with Javell and her potential desire to hit us.  Seriously, though, Javell was really talking about hitting opponents.  Based on her athletic background and her desire for contact, opponents better watch out, whether she is running over them or stopping them.
Like with the rest of the rookies, it will be a lot of fun watching her grow into her roles and progress.  Of course, it is fun watching the entire team, too.  We are hoping that all of the Bliss fans come out for the home opener on April 25 at Toyota Park.
Stay tuned here for more info and updates on the Bliss as the opener approaches and all throughout the season.  You can also check out or the Chicago Bliss Facebook page.

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