Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sgt. Slaughter at C2E2

Robert Remus has had a lengthy and successful career as Sgt. Slaughter.  He has won numerous awards and titles, including the WWF Heavyweight title (once) and a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2004.  He is also one of a very few real people to be immortalized in the G.I. Joe action figure series.  That's a pretty cool resume.
I nmet Sarge at the recent C2E2 (Chicagoland Comic and Entertainment Expo).  He happily put me in the "Cobra Clutch" (his signature submission move), but he also happily posed for a regular shot.  That was pretty cool of Sarge.  Most celebrity guests would charge fans for two pictures, but Sarge was doing the twofer for one price.
Sarge is one of those old school wrestlers who I love seeing at these events.  I like the new guys, too, but I grew up on Sgt. Slaughter.  He doesn't make a ton of appearances either.  Some of the more recdent wrestlers are a bit overexposed on the appearance circuit.  This is definitely not the case with Sarge.
There is also something different about the older guys.  It is kind of an intangible.  They just seem to carry themselves differently from the younger guys.  Maybe it is generational or maybe it is just older age.  Maybe they just appreciate this new found fandom and revenue stream, too.
It's not that the newer guys are bad in any way.  Most are really cool at these comic cons.  There is just a subtle difference in the actions.
Over the next few days, I will be featuring some interviews I did at C2E2.  Despite this post, none of my interviews feature wrestlers, although one did have a bit of wrestling talk.  Anyway, stay tuned and enjoy the ride.
Sgt. Slaughter and me in Rosemont, IL-April 2015.

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