Saturday, May 30, 2015

C2E2 With Rich Kunz

Much like an athlete playing in front of a home town crowd, I would think it is pretty cool for a artist to appear at a comic con in his home town.  Such was the case for Chicago artist Rich Kunz at C2E2 2015.
Kunz is an art teacher in Chicago.  He states that he learned as much from his students as he has taught them.  He is also a freelance artist.  He work includes design, illustration and photography.
His work includes sketch cards, commissions, superheroes stuff and much more.  All of it is really beautiful, but I especially liked Toodees.  
Toodees are his fun take on some superheroes.  He has a Batee, Spidee, Catee and several others.  My only complaint is that I do not see an Aquaee (I am forever on the watch for new Aquaman related stuff).
Kunz's portfolio also includes a neat digital Sheldon and some stunning photography.  You really have to see all of his work for yourself.  I know you will be just as impressed as I am.
For more info, check out  You will find a gallery of his works, his bio and much more.  You can also follow Rich Kunz on twitter.   Follow Rich Kunz on Instagram to see a lot of his awesome creations.
Rich Kunz and me in Chicago, IL-April 2015.

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