Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cards That Never Were: Cy Acosta 1976 Topps

"Cards That Never Were" is a recurring series where I attempt to create trading cards for players who were missing from various Topps sets.  I borrowed this concept from way to many others to list, but I thank them all.

Cecilio "Cy" Acosta pitched four seasons in the major leagues from 1972 through 1975.  He started out with three seasons with the Chicago White Sox and finished with one season (six games) with the Philadelphia Phillies.
Baseball Reference refers to him as a "nondescript" relief pitcher, which is probably why I liked him.  The fact that he was pitching for my beloved White Sox during my early baseball years certainly helped, as did their cool uniforms.  Actually, his 1973 season was pretty good, as he went 10-6 with 18 saves.
Acosta started his career in the Mexican League before joining the White Sox.  In 1975, he returned to the Mexican League and pitched through the 1986 season.  He was elected to the Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005.
He had Topps cards for the first three years of his career, but Topps did not deem him worthy of a 1976 card based on his six games with the Phillies.  Of course, I think Acosta deserved a 1976 Topps Phillies card and I created one to correct the omission.


Jim said...

Great card! I'm always glad to see a new Phillies card for the players Topps originally left out. said...

Absolutely cool!