Thursday, June 25, 2015

At Days of the Dead with Michael West

I first met and interviewed bestselling author Michael West at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis, IN, in 2012.  That interview can be found at On the Beat with Michael West at Days of the Dead 2012.  This weekend, I will be making the quick trip to Indy for Days of teh Dead 2015 and I will be checking in with West for an update on his latest work.
West is as talented as he is friendly.  He is always willing to discuss his work, horror stuff or pretty much anything.  One of the funniest thing is that his children are convince that spirits live in the woods near their home.  I am sure West has fun with that.
West is a fan of horror, as was witnessed when I ran into him as a fan at the Days of the Dead in Chicago last year.  West was recognized by some fans, including me, who asked for pictures with him.
I have enjoyed his Poseidon's Children book and have some of his other books on my "to read" shelf.  I enjoy a good horror story and West delivers.
To learn more about him, check out or come out to Days fo the Dead and meet him.  I guarantee you it will be horrifyingly awesome!
Michael West and me in Schaumburg, IL_November 2014.

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