Saturday, July 11, 2015

Celebrity Jersey Cards #229 Hannah Kearney & Lea Solanga

Athletes get trading cards.  Why not celebrities?  At least celebrities wearing athletic jerseys should get cards.  I am doing my best to create cards for jersey-clad celebs.  Today, I have a lot of symmetry with two cute women, representing two mediocre teams, wearing #10 and looking over their shoulders.

Olympic Gold medal winning skier Hannah Kearney was born in New Hampshire.  Her connection to the Cincinnati Reds is unknown, but she is sporting Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson's #10.  Kearney's Celebrity Jersey Card seems to be a night card, which would work well for my blogging bud at Night Owl Cards.
Singer-actress Lea Salonga was born in the Philippines.  Salonga is also giving us the "over the shoulder" look and is equally as cute as Kearney.  Salonga is wearing #10, which a lot of Padres have worn over the years.  Bip Roberts might be the most successful, but I will use this opportunity to give props to Dave Hilton, Doug Gwosdz, Mike Phillips, Mike Champion and Chris Cannizzaro.

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